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Agricultural Appraiser

Determine the value of farms and ranches.

What does an Agricultural Appraiser do?

Everyone knows that tractors, chickens, cows, barns, and crops are worth money. But even the Farmer might not be sure precisely how much each item is worth. Agricultural Appraisers, on the other hand, can provide a clear and accurate picture of the value of the land and all of its implements. As an Agricultural Appraiser, you spring into action when the farm is mortgaged, sold, insured, or developed.

In the past, Agricultural Appraisers did much of their work in the field, measuring and taking pictures. Now, you can do much of your work from the comfort of your fresh-smelling office.

You look at aerial maps and determine the boundaries of the farm, and you look up sales records to determine how much it was worth in the past. Also, you determine how much equipment is typically selling for at the moment. With this research under your belt, you’re ready for a visit.

On the farm, you look at the land and write down notes about any unique features you find. Perhaps the barn was built in the 1800s, and it has added value due to its old age. Or, perhaps the cows are heritage types that make tasty steaks, and they’re worth slightly more as a result.

Once you’re done compiling notes, you determine the final value of the farm and all of its contents. Then, you write a report detailing everything you found, and you provide a copy to the Farmer and the Banker or Insurance Agent who requested the information.