Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturer

Focus your construction talents on building flawless plane parts.

What does an Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturer do?

An Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturer has one goal: keep planes in the air. Planes must be durable yet lightweight, strong yet flexible enough to glide across the sky. As an Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturer, you build a specific part of the plane, whether it’s the landing gear for safe touchdowns or the engine to keep it aloft.

Since an airplane is so big and complex, large companies usually design the planes and then send the blueprints and specifications to smaller companies that they subcontract to build the parts. Engine building is often an entirely separate specialty, and one company will specialize in this and nothing else.

Depending on what part of the plane you work on, you may be welding, creating molds for shaping paneling, or assembling the brakes and making sure every nut and bolt is in the right spot. The parts are usually constructed of a metal alloy – a mixture of two or more metals – and Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturers ensure that every piece matches its material and size specifications exactly.

If you’re good at what you do and have advanced engineering and critical thinking skills, you may serve on a design committee for special projects. The government is one of the largest aircraft buyers, and it often needs specialty planes and helicopters. Along with Aircraft Engineers and other Production Workers, you provide feedback to create a design that meets the customer’s needs and keeps passengers safe.