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Aerospace Auditor



Monitor safety features for planes or space shuttles for a secure take off.

What does an Aerospace Auditor do?

“We have liftoff!” comes only after “We have a functioning space shuttle.” Without passing a safety inspection, no plane leaves the runway and no spaceship leaves the launch pad. What Aerospace Auditors and Tax Auditors have in common are their thorough understanding of regulations and their tendency to carry a clipboard around. But while the Tax Auditor checks tax compliance, the Aerospace Auditor checks safety compliance on shuttles and planes.

As an Aerospace Auditor, you ensure the safety of the crew, passengers, and any spectators standing close enough to be bonked on the head by falling debris. You do that by performing routine inspections to make sure rules are followed and everything’s bolted on tight. It’s crucial that Aerospace Engineers avoid cutting corners in construction and that businesses supply the necessary funding to cover all safety systems.

You often travel between locations where planes or shuttles await your evaluation. Regardless of where or what you’re inspecting, your goal stays the same. You create a detailed, unbiased report of any violations you find.

Like the Tax Auditor, your job is not to take it easy on those who bend the rules. Your job is to catch slip-ups before they claim lives. The only work that passes your inspections is quality work.

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