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Aerodynamics Professor

Teach university students about aerodynamics.

What does an Aerodynamics Professor do?

Aerodynamics Professors are obsessed with something that no one can see, everyone can feel, and most creatures require in order to stay alive. The answer to the riddle isn’t “love,” although that response might seem reasonable. Instead, Aerodynamics Professors are concerned with air. They teach students how to study the way air moves around objects.

As an Aerodynamics Professor, you work in a college or university. Younger students learn the basic aerodynamics concepts from general Science Teachers, and then they come to you for advanced lessons.

Before the school year starts, you develop a syllabus that outlines what you’ll cover, when assignments will be due, how you’ll grade your students, and what books they’ll be required to read. This document also provides you with a to-do list for the year, and it helps you stay on track. You teach courses, review tests and papers, supervise assignments in the laboratory, and provide grades, either on your own or with the help of Teaching Assistants.

In addition to these teaching responsibilities, you’re expected to conduct original research in aerodynamics. Sometimes, you work on projects assigned to you by your institution. Other times, you follow your own theories and explore your own ideas. When your research is done, you write up detailed papers on the topic and submit them for publication to reputable journals.

To round out your responsibilities, you may mentor young students and help them conduct their research and get jobs in the industry. In addition, you may help select, interview, and hire new Teachers for your department.