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Aerobics Instructor



Get your student's blood pumping by leading cardiovascular workouts.

What does an Aerobics Instructor do?

Part motivators, part Energizer bunnies, Aerobics Instructors help gym-goers reach their potential and shed their stubborn flab. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Aerobics Instructors are known to run off with boyfriends and wives-they exercise for a living, after all.

If you’re an Aerobics Instructor, you lead a variety of low-impact group exercise sessions, unlike a Personal Trainer who works with individual clients. These classes range from cycling to kickboxing to water aerobics. All skill levels need to be accounted for. When the lactic acid sets in, your voice implores participants to push through the pain, and the blaring Reggaeton.

Not just any Richard Simmons-wannabe with a headset has the skills to lead a fitness class. Being well versed in proper technique and equipment safety is crucial, and so is the ability to offer guidance when called upon. Aerobics Instructors help foster a sense of camaraderie that keeps members coming back for more (punishment) week after week.

Due to the nature of the work, many Aerobic Instructors work only part-time. That means you need to supplement your income elsewhere. But as a bonus, you get to see others sweat their way to better health under your watch. And if that’s not rewarding enough, consider this perk: You’re finally allowed to wear sweatpants to work.

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