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Aerial Silks Performer



Performing aerial acrobatics while dangling from pieces of cloth.

What does an Aerial Silks Performer do?

Aerial Silks Performers are Acrobats who display their strength and dexterity by hanging from a special fabric and showing off impressive physical feats. Wrapped up in the ribbon or swinging through the air, Aerial Skills Performers flip, slide, and maneuver for the entertainment of a paying audience-all without safety lines!

This is a physical career for those who never gave up on gymnastics or performing: as an Aerial Silks Performer, you shimmy, moving along it and suspending your whole body up at least 50 feet. The three main tricks of your art: climbs, wraps, and drops. Climbing is a trick involving just the use of your legs. Once the ribbon is wrapped around your legs, you pose and keep your body still in bizarre positions that require flexibility. These long wrap poses are a testament to your strength.

Drops are perhaps the most terrifying aspect of your performance, as you drop or suddenly slide down the ribbon to land in a whole new pose. While you’re in danger of falling, your strength-developed over years of practice-allows your movements and your body to look fluid and flawless.

Your act as an Aerial Silks Performer is in demand in various cities and troupes across the country. Possible stages for your act include Cirque du Soleil, Vegas, and Broadway. You can perform as part of a troupe, or your skills may be so exceptional that your solo act stands alone.

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