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Aerial Planting and Cultivation Manager

Manage operations of aerial seed sowing and crop dusting establishments.

What does an Aerial Planting and Cultivation Manager do?

Manages operations of aerial seed sowing and crop dusting establishment: Negotiates contracts with farm personnel to sow seeds of specified varieties or to spray or dust fields or crops with specified agricultural chemicals. Confers with AIRPLANE PILOT 196.263-010 to determine materials and conditions required to meet terms of contract and schedules flights according to factors, such as client requests, weather conditions, aircraft availability, and legal and safety considerations. Monitors AIRPLANE-PILOT HELPER 409.667-010 mixing chemicals, loading chemicals and seeds into hopper of aircraft, and indicating flight passes to pilot from ground to ensure efficient and safe operations. Purchases seeds and chemicals from suppliers. Oversees repair and maintenance of aircraft and contracts for repair and maintenance of hangars, runway, and related company facilities. Maintains records for billing and payroll purposes. Initiates personnel actions, such as hiring, firing, and disciplining workers.