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Advisory Engineer

Take charge of a small part of a larger engineering project.

What does an Advisory Engineer do?

The world owes all its best inventions to Engineers, who design and build complicated systems that make life on earth a little bit easier. As an Advisory Engineer, you’re one of those experts. More specifically, you’re a specialist who handles individual engineering tasks within a larger project. Employed by engineering firms in a variety of disciplines, from architecture and automotive to civil and computer, Advisory Engineers work under lead Engineers.

For instance, if your company’s designing a new military base, there will be a Chief Engineer who acts as Project Manager, overseeing the overall plan and design. As an Advisory Engineer, you may be tasked with designing an individual utility on the base — for example, the roads and infrastructure, water and sewage system, or electrical system.

True to the word “advisory” — which the dictionary defines as “having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them” — your role is to take direction from the Engineers above you, but to use your engineering expertise to make recommendations. Which means you’re an important part of solving design challenges, developing new products, and much more.