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Advertising Traffic Manager

Organize projects, staff, and schedules for an ad agency.

What does an Advertising Traffic Manager do?

As an Advertising Traffic Manager, you’re essentially a Traffic Guard who directs office work instead of cars: To keep advertising traffic moving, it’s your job to manage workflow from conception to execution.

You see, advertising is a team sport. Making an ad requires first coming up with an idea, then selling that idea to clients, then creating the words and images that comprise the ad, deciding where to place the ad, and, finally, actually producing and publishing the final product. The process requires Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Account Representatives, Advertising Executives, Media Buyers, and countless others. To make sure that everyone does their job on time and on budget – that all the pieces are put together correctly and in the right order – it’s your responsibility as an Advertising Traffic Manager to serve as a Project Coordinator, guiding advertising projects through the production pipeline.

On a daily basis, this means establishing project timelines, creating and distributing status reports, holding people accountable for deadlines, and coordinating with various Department Heads to greenlight things like ad production, submission, and billing.

Just like a traffic light at a busy intersection, therefore, it’s your job as an Advertising Traffic Manager to tell advertising personnel when to stop, when to go, and when to proceed with caution. Without you, there would be an advertising pileup of monstrous proportions!