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Advertising Sales Agent



Sell advertising space in magazines, newspapers, and online.

Salary Range

$49,680 - $108,700

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does an Advertising Sales Agent do?

Advertising Sales Agents sell space in all sorts of publications, from newspapers to billboards. They work with companies wanting to promote themselves or their product, and help them realize which medium and location would best do that (the answer being theirs, of course). At times Advertising Sales Agents even step in to help with the design of an advertisement, like drawing up a sketch to help someone visualize how their ad will look with the addition of a picture.

As an Advertising Sales Agent, your day is packed with fulfilling customer needs, resolving customer problems and designing new advertising schemes. This last task could take the form of designing billboards using computer-aided-design software or sketching a rough draft of the layout of a small advertisement planned to run in a local magazine.

You’ll also do customer outreach, contacting potential clients, and keeping up with current ones to see if they’d like to continue or renew their advertising campaigns.

On the whole, you’re responsible for uncovering a client’s ideal advertisement and putting that into effect. Doing a good job for even the smallest company’s advertisement could lead to developing a long-term relationship with them. And, who knows? Maybe they will be your stepping stone into higher level advertising positions.

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