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Advertising Production Manager

Coordinate all the little details that go into producing an ad campaign.

What does an Advertising Production Manager do?

If the world of advertising were a book, the Advertising Production Manager would be the binding holding the pages together. From the sales department to the Graphic Designers to the magazine printers, each person plays a role in advertising production, and they need the Advertising Production Manager on board to keep everyone on the same page.

When it’s time to roll out a new ad campaign, your first order of business as Advertising Production Manager is to determine its requirements and limitations. The Designers may have a snazzy three-page spread all planned out, but you know that the budget can’t handle the cost of such high-quality prints, and the printer’s editorial department isn’t crazy about letting you plaster a three-page dog food ad in their magazine.

“Compromise” is the first word in your vocabulary, and it’s how you rein in the Designers’ over-the-top ambitions without undermining the expectations of the company. Other considerations besides your budget include the space the magazine has available and the arrangement of your layout. Every inch counts when space is limited.

Once the ad is ready to go, you give it a final check and send it off to the printers. Often, you juggle multiple projects at once, ensuring that each is designed on time and according to company specifications, and that each printer understands what you need. With the right combination of creativity and financial constraint, you’ll publish an ad that draws in customers without breaking the bank.