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Advertising Producer

Advertising Producer


Supervise the design and production of advertising spots.

What does an Advertising Producer do?

Advertising Producers are primarily responsible for the oversight of all aspects of producing television or internet commercials, know as “spots.” Advertising producers wear many hats, but you are generally responsible for maintaining a budget, negotiating contracts, supervising production staff, and ensuring the happiness of your client.

A large part of your job as an Advertising Producer is acting as a liaison between the client, creative producer, and production company. You are responsible for making sure the client’s wishes come to life either on air or on the screen.

Because it’s your task to ensure the spot is completed on budget, you spend time negotiating with production companies who shoot or record the commercial. Additionally, you collaborate with all members of the production company including Sound Technicians, Copy Writers, Actors, and Film Producers. Finally, before a commercial runs, you must supervise the post-production—like editing and sound mixing—to make sure the end product is perfect.

Your work involves great attention to detail and organizational skills. Effective communication and working long hours are essential. Since the majority of your work lies in big cities like New York or L.A, you must posses an ability to make on your feet decisions in a fast-paced environment. While the job of an Advertising Producer is often stressful, it can also be very rewarding. And it’s more than just a big paycheck. The work you do is visible to the public everyday, so your ability to influence consumer culture is tremendous.

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