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Advertising Executive



Organize ad campaigns for clients.

What does an Advertising Executive do?

Advertising Executives supervise the production of ad campaigns, and develop plans to increase sales for their clients’ businesses. Advertising Executives are the liaison between their agency and its clients. While they don’t actually write, they may be responsible for deciding the core message of a campaign.

As an Advertising Executive, you may be handling several accounts at any given time. And your key responsibility is to ensure that the needs of your clients are being fulfilled within the range of their budgets. To do this, you need to know their business from the inside out. Your research methods may include a tour of the client’s headquarters or factory, studying sales trends, or conducting marketing research.

You contact your clients daily, and communicate feedback to the creative team. You also work closely with the creative department, reviewing copy and design material. This may include concepts for TV commercials, newspaper ads, and billboards. And you spend a lot of time in the boardroom, meeting with clients or brainstorming concepts with your co-workers.

Although you don’t create the ad material yourself, you pitch concepts to potential clients. The clients will be hearing pitches from many agencies, but choosing only one, so you must have excellent communication skills. These skills will also come in handy when you solicit new business by making sales calls, hosting dinners, or holding business conferences.

Advertising can be a demanding and competitive industry, but the job is also very rewarding and exciting. As an Advertising Executive, you just might find yourself living the glamorous and thrilling life depicted in episodes of “Mad Men.”

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