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Advertising Copywriter



Create memorable product descriptions and catch-phrases for ads.

What does an Advertising Copywriter do?

The Advertising Copywriter’s job is a lot like the show “Mad Men.” Just take out the sexism and excessive drinking, and add in a lot more writing and selling.

But seriously, what they have in common is that Advertising Copywriters work in the advertising industry, writing copy for ads. You create any written part of an advertisement. And although much of your work shows up on TV or in print, you can also write the content of brochures, flyers, websites, and even sales kits or displays. Pretty much any type of marketing material with written information on it comes from someone in your line of work.

The purpose of an Advertising Copywriter’s job is to create advertisements that are funny, interesting, or exciting—anything that will draw a customer in and make them want to try the product. Each job starts with research. You learn as much as possible about the product, the target audience, and the type of ad to be run. And since this is a collaborative job, you also work with a company’s marketing department, Creative Director, and developers—anyone who can help you get a feel for the product and its attributes.

Depending on where you work, you might focus on one project or handle many. If you work for a big corporation, you might sell the same thing every day. But if you choose to freelance, you might do several, and get to pick your own projects.

Ultimately, this is a sales position, so you need to be good at moving products. Unlike a door-to-door sales job though, you spend your days convincing people to buy through your writing.

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