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Advertising Coordinator



Organize schedules, budgets, and teams for advertising productions.

What does an Advertising Coordinator do?

Advertising Coordinators are the backbone of any ad agency. They make sure that all the advertising materials are produced on time and in-line with what the clients want.

As an Advertising Coordinator, your left and right brains must fire simultaneously: this job requires creativity as well as excellent organization and analytical skills. Schmoozing is imperative too. Since you’re in the business of selling products, Advertising Coordinators have to have excellent sales skills. You’re also a jack-of-all-trades, because you may have to step in for other positions to ensure that deadlines are met.

Your days are spent scheduling productions, and meeting with clients and advertising teams. Dealing with clients and keeping them happy is also a day-to-day task, so the knack for turning frowns upside down will come in handy.

Other aspects of your project management work include goal setting, budgeting, and reporting. Since presentations are frequent, you must feel comfortable standing in front of others and delivering powerful, persuasive presentations to sell ideas.

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