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Advertising Consultant



Provide insight to businesses about how to better advertise their work.

What does an Advertising Consultant do?

An Advertising Consultant focuses on the way that businesses communicate with current or prospective clientele and is the person who understands trends and target markets. Businesses hire Advertising Consultants to use their expertise in evaluating their advertising efforts and suggesting improvements.

Your first step as an Advertising Consultant is to obtain a complete understanding of your customer’s business. For example, if your client is a bakery, do they sell through retail establishments? Restaurants? Are they open to the public? Do they provide a product of particular interest to one buying group, such as specialized fortune cookies or wedding cakes?

With this information, you then guide the customer through the advertising maze by establishing the media stream that will reach their target market. You evaluate radio, newspaper, magazines, online ads, local publications, billboards, social networking sites, and television options.

Then you consider your customer’s needs and budget and use your creativity to develop unique marketing options for each customer. This task ranges from simply answering a question to preparing a full-scale advertising plan that stretches years into the future.

You do all of these tasks with your big goal in mind: Make sure the target audience hears the message. To meet this goal you need to understand and use research techniques and market analysis. But even more than that, you need to understand how your client communicates with their client, if that is working, and how to change it for better results.

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