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Advertising Clerk



Compile advertising orders and verify conformance to specifications.

What does an Advertising Clerk do?

Compiles advertising orders for submission to publishers and verifies conformance of published advertisements to specifications, for billing purposes: Reviews order received from advertising agency or client to determine specifications. Computes cost of advertisement, based on size, date, position, number of insertions, and other requirements, using rate charts. Posts cost data on order and worksheet. Types and mails order and specifications to designated publishers. Files order data pending receipt of publication. Scans publication to locate published advertisement. Measures advertisement, using ruler or transparent calibrated overlay, to verify conformance to size specifications [ADVERTISING-SPACE CLERK]. Compares advertisement with order to verify conformance to other specifications. Computes difference in cost when published advertisement varies from specifications and posts corrected costs on order controls. Separates tear sheet from publication, types and attaches identifying information to tear sheet; and routes with order and worksheet to billing department.

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