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Advertising Art Director



Create and carry out ad concepts.

What does an Advertising Art Director do?

An Advertising Art Director is in charge of the “big picture” or overall concept for the visual design of an advertising campaign. You are usually part of a team, and must collaborate to create beautiful and effective ads.

As Advertising Art Director, your main job will be to develop a concept for your client. If they choose to use your idea, you oversee its execution by unifying all the artistic elements produced by your team. Depending on the organization you work for—a large corporation with its own ad department, an ad agency, or for yourself as a freelancer—you may or may not have a Creative Director over you, or other Art Directors under you.

There’s a reason we associate certain colors with certain products, like white for Apple products or red for Coca Cola. And that very effective visual strategy is thanks in large part to you. By creating the look of an ad, you hold a subtle, yet powerful, position in the advertising world.

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