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Advertising and Promotion Manager



Head up the team in charge of marketing a product.

What does an Advertising and Promotion Manager do?

Promotions are things like radio contests, coupons, sweepstakes, or free gifts that give people an incentive to buy your company’s product. Combine this with other branding activities, like marketing and advertising, and you’ve found the outreach branch of a business. The Advertising and Promotion Manager leads the group in charge of blending these fields, meaning that they’re the ones keeping everyone on track and working to the best of their ability.

As the Advertising and Promotion Manager, you make sure the correct media outlets are being used, for instance making sure someone is dealing with radio ads while another person is buying up TV time. You also keep track of the company’s sales goals and make sure your department is doing enough to hit those goals every quarter.

Doing the job of an Advertising and Promotion Manager requires you to have good communication and management skills: You are in charge of the team’s productivity. You’ll do things like boost spirits when sales are low, fire underperforming team members, and promote the stars with great sales numbers.

You do a lot of collaborating, as it usually isn’t your job to create the actual coupon used in a promotion-instead, you’ll work with the Graphic Designers or Sales Managers who create the actual physical product used for promotion. Collaborating with merchants, venue owners and clients is another big part of your job since often times a promotion will require you to put on a big event, be it an auction or a party.

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