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Advance Scout

Spy on your team's rivals to uncover their weaknesses.

What does an Advance Scout do?

If you’ve dreamed of being a CIA Agent but can’t bear the idea of going undercover and missing the playoffs, being an Advance Scout is the next best thing. As an Advance Scout, you’re paid by a sports team to spy on its competitors. You don’t need a disguise, though. Everyone knows the Advance Scout is gathering intelligence about Athletes and Coaches in hopes of getting a leg up on the opposing team before a big game.

Although there are no secret identities when you’re an Advance Scout, there is definitely secret information, and your responsibility is gathering it, guarding it, and then giving it to Coaches. To do that, you travel around the country attending the games and practices of competitors in advance of future match-ups. You watch the games, but more importantly, you watch the Players and coaching staff. You take notes about their decisions and plays, for instance, record data about their on-field performance, and study their body language and facial expressions for evidence of strengths and weaknesses.

More than a Talent Scout, therefore, you’re a Psychologist who specializes in the psychological profiling of professional sports teams. And like any good Psychologist, you don’t just diagnose. You also treat: Before games, you communicate with Coaches in order to tell them everything you’ve learned about the opponent, which they use to design plays and strategies that will help them (hopefully!) win the game.