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Adult Orthodontist

Help adults get straight, well-aligned smiles.

What does an Adult Orthodontist do?

The sparkling white smile on the cover of _People Magazine_. The straight, perfectly aligned set of teeth on every Model on the planet. People notice teeth. And when people want their teeth to be notice-worthy, they seek the help of an Adult Orthodontist.

Of course, Adult Orthodontists work to straighten out teeth for reasons other than good looks. Misaligned chompers can cause many problems, including cavities, jaw pain, and even neck issues.

As an Adult Orthodontist, you specialize in the care of older people. Maybe that’s because you relate better to adults than children, or maybe it’s because you realize that there are extra challenges with adult dental care. For example, older people may need teeth pulled more frequently, and they heal slower than their adolescent counterparts.

As a type of Dentist, you know and understand teeth, gums, nerves, and the jaw like few others. You use that knowledge to evaluate each patient’s mouth and formulate a plan. That might mean braces, splints, aligners, or retainers.

Unlike some Doctors who only see their patients once or twice a year (or only when there’s something wrong), you see your patients every few weeks. This allows you to keep a close eye on their progress. Once the braces (or other device) are in place, you make adjustments and decide when they’re ready for removal. And when that day comes, you and the patient are rewarded with a straight, pain-free smile.