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Adult Daycare Coordinator

Provide care for disabled adults.

What does an Adult Daycare Coordinator do?

The goal of all adults is to live at home, surrounded by memories and comfort. Unfortunately, physical or mental disabilities can make it hard for people to live at home without supervision. Family members and friends may be able to provide some assistance, but often, they have day jobs of their own that require their attention.

Luckily, Adult Daycare Coordinators can help. As an Adult Daycare Coordinator, you take over during the day, when caregivers are unavailable.

When new patients arrive in your program, they provide notes from their Doctors or their Social Workers. These notes help you plan your activities. As an Adult Daycare Coordinator, you determine what sorts of physical limitations your patients endure, and you think of ways to help them overcome those obstacles.

Each day, you provide patients with a wide variety of activities. Asking them to dance, stretch, and throw a ball helps them stay mobile and limber. Providing sing-along sessions helps them use their voices and move their mouths. Crafts such as painting and weaving remind them of their creative talents.

Physical Therapists may ask you to help some patients stretch or relearn how to eat without spilling. Throughout the day, you pull these people to the side to help them with their PT homework.

Sometimes, you have a staff of aides who help you wrangle the group. Other times, you’re running the activities on your own. The days can get hectic as you plan and supervise.

Also, you’re expected to participate in every activity you plan, and this can be tiring. But helping these adults connect, heal, and stay safe is ample reward for your hard work.