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Adult Basic Education Teacher



Teach basic subjects to adults returning to school.

What does an Adult Basic Education Teacher do?

Unexpected events can derail life plans. Take, for example, the goal of earning a high school diploma. But when a person decides to return to school to finish classes, improve a skill set, or earn that degree, an Adult Basic Education Teacher is the person they go to. As an Adult Basic Education Teacher, you teach older students core subjects like math, science, reading, and writing.

You might specialize in one field, such as remedial reading, or cover various subjects. Either way, the process starts with a student evaluation. You administer assessment tests, track progress, and set goals. You also present tests, grade papers, and formulate teaching plans.

Students might come to you for help in improving basic reading skills so they can understand a bank statement or retirement document. They might wish to brush up on primary math equations so they can balance a checkbook or create budgets. Or you might help them learn English as a second language, build a foundation for college classes, or prepare for the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) exam.

Going back to school as an adult is no easy task, but you make the process easier by understanding and helping them deal with the emotions involved. In return, you are rewarded with beaming smiles of pride when your students finally fulfill their goal, postponed for many reasons, and many years.

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