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Admissions Coordinator



Answer student questions about admissions, finances, campus rules and more.

What does an Admissions Coordinator do?

Admissions Coordinators work in a variety of industries, but are found most commonly in healthcare and higher education. Their job is to hand out information, answer questions, assist in the completion of required paperwork, and admit patients/students to the facility.

As an Admissions Coordinator, you might work at a private school or public university. Your job is to be the liaison between the school and the potential student. You’re often the first point of contact when a student has questions about the campus, financial aid, or admission requirements.

You answer phones, mail out information packets, and follow up with the objective of fulfilling attendance goals. Once the student shows a deeper interest, you might help her fill out the application, request transcripts, or identify a course of study.

If you’re an Admissions Coordinator working for a hospital, long-term care facility, or senior home, your job responsibilities are much the same. You spend your time matching patients with the proper level of care. To make a good match, you gather information and screen the symptoms, abilities, and condition of the patient. Then you help him complete paperwork, check medical benefits, answer questions, and oversee the admissions process.

Wherever you stretch your Customer Service Representative muscles, you’re always aware of company policies and quotas while you work. This position is a great opportunity to use your Marketing Representative skills while you sell the facility’s benefits to patients/students who need them.

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