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Adjunct Art Professor

Teach university students about art on a part-time basis.

What does an Adjunct Art Professor do?

An Adjunct Art Professor is a part-time Professor, hired on a contractual basis rather than a full-time, tenured basis. This is an especially great position for people in the arts because, as an Artist, you probably enjoy flexibility, and freedom to express your artistic talents outside of the classroom. So if your extracurricular activities outnumber your college campus ones, and that’s the way you like it, then being a part-time Adjunct Art Professor is the way to go.

Sure, you don’t have the security of tenure, but that’s the way you like it, right? It’s easier for everyone if you swoop in when needed, teach for a semester, then leave for another city, country, or continent. It fits a bohemian lifestyle, and if that’s not what you’re going for, then it’s still great as a resume padder, and a way to work no matter where you live.

Starting as an Adjunct Art Professor is also the typical way to work up to becoming a tenured Professor. If that’s your goal, then use the position of Adjunct to prove your value to a University as you pursue that coveted position of a tenured full professorship.