Adhesives Production Operator

Mix chemicals into correct proportions to make adhesive used in tape.

What does an Adhesives Production Operator do?

It’s a little-known fact that Scotch tape doesn’t grow on trees. Its journey starts in an adhesive manufacturing plant, where an Adhesives Production Operator manufactures the glue that lets it do its job.

Adhesives Production Operators run numerous machines that mix, pour, and package all manner of sticky substances. As an Adhesives Production Operator, you spend your shifts on the factory floor, typing instructions into computer control panels or testing the quality of a recently mixed product.

Safety is important around all that heavy machinery. When working with chemicals and powders, you always wear protective gear. You may look like a Beekeeper at times, but it’s better than getting burned.

While the machines mix, you check in with your Manager and coworkers to review production orders and plan the rest of the day’s work. Every order is different: Customers need adhesives of different types, strengths, and durability. You mix and match the chemicals that make that product possible.

Like any other manufacturing job, your work may not win awards, but it plays an important role in daily life. Life would quickly become quite complicated without adhesives. Without the glue, pieces of tape become nothing but thin strips of paper.