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Adhesive Chemist

Create recipes for products that keep things stuck together.

What does an Adhesive Chemist do?

The Energizer Bunny of tapes, glues, and stickers, an Adhesive Chemist creates adhesive products that keep on going. From craft glues to window sealants, the Adhesive Chemist finds the right formula for the job.

As an Adhesive Chemist, you need inspiration before you start mixing chemicals and running tests. That comes from your customers’ needs. This particular glue for construction work must be waterproof, thin, and still durable, while that batch of adhesive for wall hooks should keep those hooks up without ripping the paint right off the walls.

Sitting around mixing glues all day might get a bit boring, but luckily, that’s not all an Adhesive Chemist does. You’re less of a Cook and more of an explorer. Instead of following a step-by-step recipe, you calculate formulas, test samples, and brainstorm chemical mixtures until you break new ground.

When you’re not in the lab leading Lab Technicians in the creation of your new mixtures, you’re in your office typing up user’s guides and reports on your products. Warnings, test results, and best-use instructions are all vital documents.

When the product’s finished, it’s sent to stores or shipped off to private clients. That box of labels at the supermarket or the wood glue in a Construction Worker ‘s toolbox could be the result of your hard work. All it takes is a love of chemistry and an idea that sticks!