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Addiction Psychiatrist



Help addicts overcome their addictions with a variety of therapies.

What does an Addiction Psychiatrist do?

People addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, videogames, or llama collecting may face extreme pressure from friends, family members, Lawyers, and Bankers to start life anew. Unfortunately, kicking the habit isn’t as easy as it sounds. The addict may need to face old fears and mental health issues before healing can begin.

An Addiction Psychiatrist can help with this process by prescribing medications, holding private sessions, and leading large group sessions. The Addiction Psychiatrist can also help the family learn how to support the addict in recovery.

As an Addiction Psychiatrist, you meet privately with your clients to explore the habits they’ve developed to deal with pain, stress, and loss. Sometimes, you simply let them discuss the events of the week, and other times, you ask them questions about specific topics that have come up in previous sessions. Some patients need medications to help them deal with withdrawal symptoms, and you prescribe these medications in consultation with the patients’ Doctors.

Family members may visit you to discuss how the addiction is affecting their lives. While you don’t divulge the information your patient has given you, you help the family by explaining addiction in general terms. Asking members to speak to the patient in your presence may also be helpful, as you can keep the conversation civil and constructive.

The llama collectors and the online gamblers may seem to have nothing in common at first glance, but they may both turn to their addictions when they’re under stress. By holding group sessions and encouraging clients to share the tools they use to beat back addiction, you help them heal.

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