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Adaptive Physical Education Specialist

Create physical education plans for disabled students.

What does an Adaptive Physical Education Specialist do?

Most kids complain about PE class. Imagine what a bummer it can be for kids with disabilities. Games and activities are often difficult for them, especially when they need extra equipment, like a wheelchair or crutches, to get around. Luckily, they have you-an Adaptive Physical Education Specialist-to help them get the same amount of playtime and game options as everyone else.

PE is a required class. There’s a nationally set amount of time that kids need to spend playing and exercising during their school day. These guidelines apply to all kids, even those with disabilities. So even if a child is confined to a wheelchair, they still need to spend part of their day doing physical activity.

As an Adaptive Physical Education Specialist, you find the kids you work with through evaluations. You follow set guidelines, and test whether a child is physically where they should be for their age. When you find a kid who needs extra help, your next step is to design an individualized physical education plan for them. This plan can focus on developing balance, motor skills, or general physical fitness. You use ball games, dances, swim time, and group sports to encourage, strengthen, and draw out their missing skills.

When you’re not in class, you keep detailed reports of your students’ activities and progress. Your job as Adaptive Physical Education Specialist also involves helping to create specialized learning plans that incorporate all aspects of your students’ schooling. When creating these plans, you work with other Teachers to ensure the student is getting a quality, well-rounded education.