Acute Rehabilitation Director

Lead an acute rehab department in pursuit of great patient service.

What does an Acute Rehabilitation Director do?

Acute Rehabilitation Directors manage the department in charge of patients who are undergoing acute rehabilitation, which is rehabilitation done as soon as possible after an accident or illness. Acute Rehabilitation Directors lead their teams in embracing the best practices in the field and ensuring patient safety.

As an Acute Rehabilitation Director, you – together with your team – help people who are suffering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, or brain damage. Each condition needs immediate physical therapy to minimize long-term effects.

Your role is to be a leader. You train the staff in new therapy programs, review patient progress, and plan department goals, like minimizing recovery times. You’re also an Accountant keeping a close eye on your department’s budget.

Some days, you’re in your office reviewing patients’ files or in meetings with top management. Other days, you’re in the physical therapy room working with patients and supervising Physical Therapists. You also manage employee schedules and make sure your facilities have the proper rehabilitation equipment. Safety and quality assurance are two of your major goals.

Your work pays off when your patients reach better health. Whether they’re learning to walk or building strength in their muscles after an accident, you use the best and fastest methods to guide them down the road to recovery.