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Acute Care Nurse Practitioner



Care for patients with dangerous injuries or illnesses.

What does an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner do?

Disease and illness can come swiftly and unexpectedly like a dastardly supervillain bent on destroying the immune system or weakening the nerves. Luckily, we have Acute Care Nurse Practitioners to swoop in and save the day. As one of these special certified Nurses, you care for patients who are suffering from acute (meaning short-term yet dangerous) injuries or sicknesses.

When you’re an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, one of your most useful super powers is your ability to move quickly. Sometimes, you find yourself battling face to face with bacteria or viruses that could kill a patient in under a few days. You rush against the clock to help diagnose and treat your patient. The more organized and calm you are, the faster you and a team of Physicians and Emergency Medical Technicians can draw blood, run tests, and identify the culprit.

Whether your battleground is in a hospital, an ICU, or a medical clinic, there are always patients brought in who need the help of an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. You can even assist patients in their own home if they’re critically ill and you want to work with them personally. Cardiac arrest patients, poisoning victims, and patients exiting an emergency organ transplant can all find themselves in your highly trained hands.

Luckily, super speed and nerves of steel aren’t the only tricks up your sleeve. You also offer compassion to every patient and family you meet. Sudden sickness can be traumatic, and it’s up to you to coach everyone involved on how to move healthily through shock, and perhaps even grief.

You’re the type of hero who doesn’t need to wear a mask. The best way to help your patients through a hard time is by showing them how incredibly skilled you are, promising to deliver their illness a nice roundhouse kick to the face as quick as you can.

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