Acupressure Therapist

Relieve pain or illness by placing pressure on specific points in the body.

What does an Acupressure Therapist do?

Acupressure has a lot in common with acupuncture, and it’s more than just the first two syllables. Both are ancient Chinese forms of medicine that employ the stimulation of pressure points to detoxify and heal the body. The difference comes in the way those pressure points are stimulated.

Acupuncture uses needles while Acupressure Therapists use their hands and fingers to touch and press different parts of a person’s body in order to lessen their pain.

It is believed that acupressure can cure a number of ailments. Because of this, Acupressure Therapists see a wide range of clients. Some of them might have physical pain like arthritis, backache, or muscle stiffness, while others might be suffering from nausea, depression, or stress.

As an Acupressure Therapist, you can tap, pinch, clap, drum, or knock (and even use your feet) on your client. What you do and for how long depends on the severity and location of the pain. Most client sessions last between 15 minutes and an hour, and you decide how often to see the patient based on their symptoms.

Although strong hands and a good understanding of the human body are necessary in this job, excellent communication skills are probably the most important thing to possess. You start your session by talking with your client about their problem, and explaining what they can expect from the procedure and how often they’ll need to see you. This type of healing is less understood than traditional medicine, so you need to be able to clearly explain its benefits and exact procedures.