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How to get an entry level job as an actuary?

When searching for entry level actuary jobs, it’s beneficial to consider the basic required skills. Show your capabilities as an actuary by demonstrating skills in actuarial science, actuarial, actuarial exams, and risk management.

What do actuarys major in?

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for actuary jobs. Nearly half mathematics majors graduate to work as actuarys. It is also a common position for students who were actuarial science, economics, statistics or applied mathematics majors in college.

Which industries and companies do actuarys typically work in?

Actuarys are important to the success of many companies in a wide variety of industries. Insurance is much more popular for actuarys than any other industry. However, the financial services, hospital & health care, and human resources industries are also great sectors to work as actuarys.

Where do actuarys live?

Cost of living and office location may also be a factor for recent graduates when deciding on where to focus the job search. New York and Chicago are two cities where graduates are often find employment opportunities for actuary positions.


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