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Acting Coach



Teach new actors the power of gesture, speech and theatrical timing.

What does an Acting Coach do?

As anyone who’s seen an Ashton Kutcher movie can attest, quality acting doesn’t come naturally to all Actor. Being able to capture the essence of a character is incredibly difficult, as are all the other little things that grab an audience, like being able to cry on cue or projecting your voice. As an Acting Coach, you help wannabe stars learn the skills necessary to make it on the big screen or stage.

The types of students you see and the level of skill they possess vary depending on where you work. If you work for an acting school, chances are you take on a combination of Actors, from those just beginning to those already working. If you work as an independent Acting Coach, you can choose the level you work with, though you should be aware that unless you’re well known and have years of experience, you might have a difficult time finding students in the beginning.

Like any Coach, the purpose of an Acting Coach is to encourage, push, and teach students to get better. You start this task with a basic assessment, having each student perform an audition piece. With the information you glean, you can then tailor your lessons to improve on their individual weaknesses.

For example, if you have a student who’s unclear, you might suggest enunciation exercises, or if they’re stiff, you might have them practice showing more emotions. You might also encourage other skills, like singing or sword fighting to make them more competitive when auditioning for parts.

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