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Acrobatic Dancer

Perform acro-dances with power and grace in the theater and circus.

What does an Acrobatic Dancer do?

As an Acrobatic Dancer, you combine the precision of classical dance technique with the creativity and abandon of acrobatics, putting on “acro dance” performances as part of theatrical productions, variety shows, circuses, dance competitions, and more.

Being an Athlete, you’ve got a unique mix of strength, agility, and flexibility, all of which help you with your art, which consists of dance movements — from ballet and jazz to lyrical and modern dance styles — blended seamlessly with acrobatic and gymnastic stunts, or “tricks,” such as cartwheels, contortions, aerials, handstands, handsprings, hand walking, and vaults.

Dance requires tremendous discipline, while acrobatics requires tremendous skill. Doing either of them, therefore, is challenging. Simultaneously doing both, however — and set to music, no less — is downright difficult. Therefore, while as an Acrobatic Dancer, you typically spend your nights performing, you spend your days training, practicing, choreographing, and rehearsing, making sure that both your body and your routine are in peak condition.

A throwback to the vaudeville era — when acro dance was all the rage — you’re like a real life swan from “Swan Lake”: Not only are you graceful like a bird, but you can fly like one, too!