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Acquisitions Librarian



Select and buy books or other resources to create a well stocked library.

What does an Acquisitions Librarian do?

A functional library is stuffed to the gills with books, films, CDs, and other media. These materials don’t magically appear on the shelves, however. Instead, they’re chosen, purchased, and inspected by an Acquisitions Librarian.

If you’re an Acquisitions Librarian, you receive many catalogs full of things your library can buy. Often, the Acquisitions Librarian knows the areas where the library needs to expand, and looks for items that fit the bill. Once you have a short list of items to buy, you crosscheck that list with the items your library already has, just to ensure that you’re not buying something you don’t need.

Other branches of the library, as well as your boss, often must approve your purchases, so you send the list around for signatures. Once the list is approved, you place the order.

When the items arrive, you inspect them carefully to make sure they weren’t damaged in transit. You also ensure that you actually got what you ordered. If items are missing or defective, you call and arrange for replacements. Then, you write tantalizing descriptions of the new items on your library’s website, and wait for eager patrons to come check out your purchases.

People who borrow your items are sometimes unkind to those items, returning them bent or broken. When this happens, you shed a little tear for the broken item and then search for a replacement.

You’re always on the lookout for Publisher who can provide great items at a low price. These people are often looking for you, too, so this is a happy coincidence. Often, you call them to make deals to lower the price yet more.

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