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Acoustics Physicist

Use your science expertise to reduce or amplify sound.

What does an Acoustics Physicist do?

As an Acoustics Physicist, you research the physics of sounds and vibrations in order to develop methods of controlling sound emissions. Acoustics Physicists may work as Consultants for an industry looking to lower noise levels, or in entertainment improving the sound quality of theaters or recording studios. There are options in the fields of medicine, heavy industry and construction, science, and environment as well.

As an Acoustics Physicist, your job consists of both predicting and measuring noise levels in a particular workplace. Then, you figure out where adjustments can be made in order to bring those levels down. Some companies you work for may need to reach a certain decibel level that their work can run at.

Your goal is to identify the areas where sound levels can be reduced. And then you recommend techniques to management.

Your work may be less clear-cut at times, though. For example, you may be asked to come into an office building with no particularly loud sounds, but where there’s a general hum that the Managers find distracting. You pinpoint the possible culprit – whether it’s the heating, air conditioning, outside noises, or even a loud copy machine – and you remove or muffle the sounds from the source. You may suggest soundproof insulation, a completely new heating or air conditioning system, or something as simple as a new copier.