Acoustical Carpenter

Install special sound-dampening floors and ceiling.

What does an Acoustical Carpenter do?

Ever wonder why you rarely hear the people who live or work above you (unless you have really loud neighbors)? For this incredible feat, you can thank an Acoustical Carpenter. Acoustical Carpenters install tiles on floors and ceilings to muffle the sounds coming into a room.

As an Acoustical Carpenter, your job starts with a call from a client. The clients you deal with are usually construction companies or Architects, since a lot of the work you do takes place before a house or office is finished. You check out the blueprints of the building to find out where you need to work, and then measure the area to be covered. While doing this, you check to see that the walls are level and smooth-bumps or protruding pieces of rock or cement will make it difficult to hang anything on them. You then screw or mount molding onto the wall. This molding goes underneath the ceiling, and is what the tile will fit against when it’s placed on the wall. You then apply cement or different adhesives on the back of the tiles before sticking them to the walls.

The pieces you use don’t always come in the exact form that you want. So you spend part of each job cutting tiles to your desired measurements. In addition to measuring skills, you also need to keep an eye on safety. The tiles you handle can be big and bulky. If one is hung wrong and it falls, it can be very dangerous to those around.