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Acoustic Consultant



Advise Engineers and others on the ins and outs of sound control.

What does an Acoustic Consultant do?

Acoustic Consultant is one of those jobs people never hear about, but is found everywhere. If you’ve ever listened to a band in an outdoor concert venue, or noticed how the noise from the construction site nearby is kept to a minimum, then you’ve come across the work of an Acoustic Consultant.

As an Acoustic Consultant, you help regulate sound. Your services are used by a lot of people, like Architects, Sound Designers, or construction crews. Even Lawyers hire Acoustic Consultants sometimes. Where you work determines what your daily responsibilities are. But generally, your job is to use your knowledge of sound to help people control noise. Your store of knowledge comes from previous projects, as well as different tests and calculations that you do. With your expertise, you can tell Architects, for example, how to increase the reach and amount of noise for an outdoor sports arena, or how to do the opposite for a school or church.

You’re also an expert at fighting noise pollution, a menace that disrupts protected environments and animals, and upsets people in their homes or at work. You tell construction firms how to decrease their noise and still get their projects done, and explain design options for airports that won’t upset the surrounding neighborhoods.

When Lawyers need help with a safety or noise complaint case, you can get to play the part of expert witness. Warning alarms that are too quiet or workplaces that are too noisy can both cause lawsuits. In such cases, you help juries define what excessive noise is, or decide who’s at fault for missing the call of a fire alarm.

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