Acid Plant Helper

Tend equipment that produces phosphoric acid from elemental phosphorus.

What does an Acid Plant Helper do?

Tends furnace, absorber, cooler, scrubber, and auxiliary equipment used in producing phosphoric acid by oxidation and hydration of elemental phosphorus: Patrols work area; observes water levels in scrubber, venturi-duct pan, and cooling-tower basin; and reads flowmeter and pressure gauges on phosphorus pump, fans, and blower to verify process conditions. Records or calls readings to operator. Observes flow of cooling water over top and outer walls of furnace to ensure uniform distribution, and notifies operator of malfunction. Takes sample of cooling water for laboratory alkalinity test. Turns valves to transfer acid to specified storage tanks and to start and stop water sprays in absorber, as directed, to control acid strength. Removes and replaces screens and filters, using wrenches. Opens valves to flush phosphorus pump and water-treating equipment with steam and regenerative chemicals.