Acetylene Cylinder Packing Mixer

Tend machines that form absorbent packing for compressed acetylene gas.

What does an Acetylene Cylinder Packing Mixer do?

Tends mixing machine, autoclave, and drier to mix, pack, solidify, and dry asbestos, dirt, charcoal, lime, water, and other ingredients to form absorbent packing for compressed acetylene gas: Meters out water and powdered ingredients, and dumps them into mixer. Starts agitator to mix ingredients for specified period of time. Opens chute to transfer mixture to vibrator. Clamps cylinders to vibrator, and connects funnels and packing rods to cylinders. Starts vibrator and rods that sift and pack mixture into cylinders. Weighs cylinders to ascertain amount of mixture packed. Rolls cylinders into autoclave, and turns valve to specified pressure level to solidify packing. Rolls cylinders into drier, and turns thermostat to heat cylinders. Installs valves and safety plugs on cylinders, and places them on scale. Connects acetone feedlines to cylinders, using handtools, and turns valves to fill cylinders with acetone, according to specifications.