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Accounts Payable Clerk



Ensure all company payments go out on time.

What does an Accounts Payable Clerk do?

An Accounts Payable Clerk is the company employee who writes the checks. Any money that leaves the company, whether it’s for a monthly bill or for the purchase of a specific material, goes through the Accounts Payable Clerk.

As Accounts Payable Clerk, you keep track of what was spent and when. You also keep an eye on things like invoices and expenses, along with any loans or bank accounts a company might have. Basically, you’re the one in charge of making sure payments go out on time and your company doesn’t default on any of its loans.

In order to do this, you need to be pretty organized. All the bills for your company go to you, so you’ll need to keep track of their due dates, and log all invoices after paying them. If there’s ever a mix-up, either on the amount your company is charged or on the amount you’re paid, you’re the one who’s in charge of fixing it, so you’ll want detailed records in case you need to retrace your financial steps. Good organization also helps when you give your update to the higher-ups in your company. These check-ups tend to be monthly, and let your bosses keep track of the money being spent.

Another big, and very popular, part of your job is payroll. You write the checks that pay company employees as well as any outside contract workers. It’s your job to make sure everyone is paid the correct amount, on time.

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