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Accounting Manager



Manage an accounting department and provide professional expertise.

What does an Accounting Manager do?

An accounting manager has responsibility for managing a company’s accounting department. The position requires in-depth financial expertise and is accountable for preparing and executing a company’s fiscal strategy and financial goals.

Supervising and auditing the work of the accounting department is one of the primary tasks of an accounting manager. This position includes oversight of functions, such as cash, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets, accounts payable, taxes, and the budget process.

An accounting manager ensures confidential aspects of accounting and implements the successful development of policies, systems, and special financial studies.

Professional competencies include thoroughness, ethical conduct, and critical thinking. Also, accounting managers need the ability to plan and implement change initiatives and encourage innovation and creativity by staff members. As in most management positions, listening and communication skills, both verbal and written, are necessary to ensure productive communication.

A bachelor’s degree in Accounting or equivalent years of experience is normally required. Many employers require a master’s degree and/or a CPA (certified public accountant) certification.

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