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Accounting Clerk



Process a company's payroll, balance the checkbook, and make bank deposits.

Salary Range

$37,398 - $43,576

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does an Accounting Clerk do?

As an Accounting Clerk, you deal with money all day long. You process money that comes in, write checks for money due to go out, and keep track of money that is scheduled to come in and go out.

Accounting Clerks work in almost every industry you can think of, as most businesses are required to keep track of the movement of money. Your task list may vary slightly, but most Accounting Clerks perform the same basic functions.

You process payroll for the company, keeping track of how much people have worked and how much they should be paid. You also send invoices to your clients, and call them if they don’t pay their bills on time. Additionally, you balance the company’s checkbook, and prepare deposits for the bank.

You may take the deposits to the bank yourself, which will give you an opportunity to step away from your desk and stretch your legs. You may come to enjoy this peaceful portion of your day.

You work a standard schedule, coming in and going home at the same time each day. Your workload will dramatically increase at tax time, however, since you have to prepare tax statements for every employee in your company. You may also be asked to prepare yearend financial statements for the person who prepares your company’s taxes. During tax season, you may become a devoted patron of the fast food joints near your office.

On top of all this, you compile reports detailing how well the company is doing financially. You may also be asked to make large purchases for the office.

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