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Accounting Analyst



Update and maintain a company’s financial accounts.

What does an Accounting Analyst do?

Accounting analysts, often referred to as accountants, are in the accounting and taxes career family. They help businesses and companies remain profitable by ensuring accurate financial assessments. Knowledge and use of generally accepted accounting principles are used to review and interpret financial data.

The primary duty of an accounting analyst is to update and maintain normal and complex company accounts. Other skills include extensive capabilities in working with Microsoft Excel and other databases, such as success, MySQL, Oracle database 11g, and Ms-SQL. In addition, other competencies include preparation of financial reports, solving accounting issues, reconciliation of balance sheets, and compliance with state accounting regulations. Soft skills include verbal and written communications, attention to deadlines, a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and the ability to concentrate and recognize accounting issues and solve them.

Degree requirements typically include a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting, with some employers requiring licensure or certification.

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