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Account Representative



Handle many business's dealings with your company over a large area.

What does an Account Representative do?

Account Representatives are found in nearly every industry that involves sales. From pharmaceuticals to gloves, handbags to airplanes, whatever the product, you’re there as a point of contact when the customer has a question, concern, or problem.

Typically, you have a list of target customers, often arranged geographically. An Account Representative’s territory might cover one city, a few states, or the entire country, or it might even include international accounts. Most companies provide an account list but also expect you to grow your territory. You do this by cold-calling customers, explaining the benefits of the product or service your company provides, and closing the sale.

To successfully increase sales, an Account Representative needs outstanding communication skills. That’s because your entire job involves communicating in one form or another. You receive feedback and sales goals from your boss; customers call and email with questions and problems; and you prepare and deliver presentations, and explain product benefits at trade shows.

Regardless of the industry or type of customer you handle, you need an understanding of the sales process, the ability to generate leads, the personality to develop relationships, foresight to anticipate the customer’s needs, the organization to schedule and appear for appointments, knowledge of the company’s products, and a desire to knock your sales goals out of the park. With this set of skills, you’ll soon see your name at the top of the sales board as an example for others.

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