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Account Planner



Conduct research with an eye to designing the perfect ad campaign.

What does an Account Planner do?

While focusing on raking in profits, saving money, and expanding their client base, companies often forget one very important factor in the selling equation: the customer. As an Account Planner, you’re the person who looks at new advertising campaigns from the buyer’s perspective.

What are the latest trends? Which advertisements are working and which are driving shoppers away? An Account Planner finds the answers to these questions so clients can market their products to consumers who actually want to buy them.

The bulk of your workday as an Account Planner revolves around research and planning. With each new advertising campaign you take on, you’re venturing into uncharted territory. Every product is unique, and you need to find out which customers want to buy it.

To research a new product, you talk with experts in the field, review data from previous marketing campaigns, and brainstorm ideas with other team members. Once you know who your customers are, you start developing an ad that targets them. From single moms to families to college students, each person has likes and dislikes. Your research shows you how to target these wants and turn them into profits.

Once the advertisement campaign is up and running, you monitor how it’s doing and tweak it as needed. Perhaps what worked last year isn’t working this year due to a poor economy. Watching these trends lets you correct your strategy to boost profits while giving shoppers what they want.

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