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Accordion Maker

Create, build or repair accordions.

What does an Accordion Maker do?

An Accordion Maker constructs accordions by hand, creating the folksy instrument to be both elegant in form and melodious in note. You’ve probably seen the bellows serenading lovers behind their meatball dinners or accompanying an international rock band. Maybe you’ve even picked up an accordion to play yourself.

It can look like a complicated blur of fingers and keys when an Accordion Maker master handles the instrument and starts to play a toe-tapping polka. And creating such an intricate contraption is just as complex as playing it: An Accordion Maker works with components of both a piano and a wind instrument, as well as a variety of keys and buttons.

Starting from scratch, or by studying the sketches of previous models, you design your own measured schematics and then carefully follow them as you build. Some parts are so sophisticated that you’re required to order them in, while others you create with your own two hands. An Accordion Maker’s workshop is filled with hand tools and power tools alike. Using anything from a large power saw to a miniature screwdriver, your deft fingers can cut down a large board as neatly as they can tweak a delicate valve.

If you’re enough of a master to build an instrument as complex as the accordion, tuning and repairing should be a piece of cake. People come to you with their broken, bedraggled accordions in hand, and you know just how to fix them up. Or, if they’re undeniably broken, you can always offer your skills towards crafting a new one.