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Accessory Designer

Produce fashionable accessories like hairbands or jewelry.

What does an Accessory Designer do?

An Accessory Designer creates the ornaments that complete and accent an outfit. Your work might include shoes, headbands, jewelry, and other things that don’t count as clothes.

Your day as an Accessory Designer could include sketching out hair-pin designs or hand stitching a scarf. Typically there is a separate industry for items that need a bit of structural knowledge to make, such as shoes or handbags, however these items can also be included in your line if you wish.

Jewelry is an especially popular accessory, as Accessory Designers can make very beautiful designs fairly cheaply (and people are willing to pay for it). If you are adventurous you could branch out- try cookware accessories, or automobile accessories. People love to use decorations to claim most parts of their life, and your products help them do that.

Most accessories are not terribly difficult or expensive to make, so your creativity and vision will have free range to define your designs. Because of this you can be successful even on a small scale by hand producing your own lines. Through your designs you can build up a name brand and clientele, which makes this a natural gateway into a Fashion Designer job.