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Accent Reduction Specialist



Help people communicate clearly by toning down their accent.

What does an Accent Reduction Specialist do?

Hundreds of languages are spoken across the world. As technology continues to bring citizens from varying backgrounds together, it’s more important than ever that we’re able to communicate. But thick accents can keep people from getting their message across. In comes the Accent Reduction Specialist to the rescue!

As an Accent Reduction Specialist, it’s your job to help clients alter the way they currently speak. For example, you may work with people who want to stifle a southern drawl, take the flair out of their French, or better enunciate vowels in English.

Your clients often have their job on their minds. Those who provide customer service or technical support over the phone need to be understood. Also, executives with major companies seek your services to enhance communication with customers and subordinates.

You might work with Doctors or Nurses who need strong communication skills in order to do their jobs. Other clients-such as Actors and Politicians to you for help in creating dialogue that presents an image.

With all these goals to strive for, your job as an Accent Reduction Specialist is never boring. No two cases are alike, but you find ways to practice until your client is confident about his speech.

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